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Good to see some life - Master Cylinder???

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  Date: Fri, 7 Aug 2009 18:13:15 -0700 (PDT)
  From: Dean Chowenhill <dchowenhill@xxxxxxxxx>
  Subject: Good to see some life - Master Cylinder???
  To: oilheads@xxxxxxxxx

I thought the oilheads list had just disappeared, but right in
time it shows up :)

Just returned from a trip to Washington St. from SF Bay area on
my 1997 GS. All went well - EXCEPT, the front master cylinder went
from very little leaking to so much I had to add fluid twice to get
Now I MUST fix it!!
Question - rebuild or replace?
What has your experience been?
If I replace I can go BMW or an aftermarket master cylinder (Magura
from Beemer Boneyard).

1997 GS
1997 HD Ultra
1999 KLR
1995 Triumph Sprint.
When she asks, "Why so many bikes" I answer, "Why so many shoes"