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RE: Good to see some life - Master Cylinder???

Hi Dean,

My '96 R850R also sprang a weep some 10 or more years ago.  I found a lot of
hardend "stuff" in there and on the plunger as well.  After a clean up it
behaved again for about a year.

When it started weeping again I found that (in those days) BMW did not offer
spares for their odd 20mm sized master cylinder.   However, 80km down the
road in Durban, was a company specialising in re-sleeving "anything" that
needed it.   So for about half the price of a complete new M/C I let them
have a go at it.

They arranged the stainless steel sleeve to be a standard size of 3/4" and
used the existing plunger, suitably turned down.  It has been faultless
since then and the strange thing is the fluid remains perfectly clean as new
all the time not giving me an opacity clue to be time for changing.

These days, if my 1100RT were to start leaking, with the availability of
spare plunger and rubbers from BMW I think that would be the route I would
take, provided the cylinder was unworn!

Clive Liddell

I thought the oilheads list had just disappeared, but right in
time it shows up :)

Just returned from a trip to Washington St. from SF Bay area on
my 1997 GS. All went well - EXCEPT, the front master cylinder went
from very little leaking to so much I had to add fluid twice to get
Now I MUST fix it!!
Question - rebuild or replace?
What has your experience been?
If I replace I can go BMW or an aftermarket master cylinder (Magura
from Beemer Boneyard).

1997 GS
1997 HD Ultra
1999 KLR
1995 Triumph Sprint.
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