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Re: 2002 R1150R

Robert Silas wrote:
Thanks for all this info. I forgot to ask sometheing: the shift lever shifting like a truck hard a clunking. I have a '94 RS, a totally different animal, so I cannot judge.

Interesting! Well, the universe of my experience is somewhat limited, but shifting on mine is light, crisp and quiet. Much like my old British twins, and nothing like the Earles-fork R50 I once had. Shifting on my R1150R is considerably easier than on the Honda that immediately preceded it. When I first took delivery on the bike, though, feel at the lever was stiff and clunky, and shifts confidently announced themselves. I don't recall just what the mileage was when I suddenly noticed that it was shifting like a dream now, but I don't think it was quite as high as 15k Km, though it could have been. If the transmission was replaced, though, the current one may not yet be "broken in."

    - Martin

Martin Lodahl of Auburn, California
UNIX Pro, Musician, Motorcyclist