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Re: 2002 R1150R

Robert Silas wrote:
I need some info about the 2002  R1150R ABS.
My son is about to buy that bike with 15,000 km on the clock. This bike has that integrated brake system(?) which I am not familiar with. As soon as the brake lever or foot brake touched a little wining noise heard. We were told that this is the pump for the integrated system, engaging front and rear brake for the touch of the hand brake lever. Also the motor vibration at low RPM seems to be excessive. Later on BMW returned to the old brake system, abandoning this integrated version.
Any experience??? Advice???
Thanks in advance
Bob Silas

Well, what can I say? I love my 2002 R1150R with ABS. The front brake lever controls both brakes, and the rear, just the rear. The whine is the power assist pump. The one thing I tend to dislike about the system (other than the cost of annual maintenance on it) is the need to not use the brake before it calibrates at around 3 mph. This poses no problem in a flat and unobstructed parking area, but I don't see many of those. So to be sure the ABS is properly calibrated I need to find a flat spot, shut off the engine and electrics, then do the startup all over again, and get up to 3 mph without touching the brakes. When I first got the bike I had the problem most people do with it of stopping short of the intended target because brake application is not linear. It is, however, absolutely repeatable, and very quickly learned.

This being the only oilhead I've owned I can't speak to the low-speed vibration. Mine doesn't seem excessive, but we could be talking about different reactions to the same phenomenon. The one thing I really don't like is the surging.

After almost 7 years I haven't seen much I truly felt need changing, beyond the customary upgrades to seat & suspension. The Rick Mayer saddle and Wilber suspension components were both mods I wouldn't hesitate to do again.

I think your son could do a lot worse than to buy one of these.

   - Martin

Martin Lodahl of Auburn, California
UNIX Pro, Musician, Motorcyclist