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Re: BMW Logo?

>Someone in the local area is trying to start up a (I think) MOA
>chapter. Friend of a friend etc, and I've ended up with a request to
>help with the chapter logo/badge/thing.
>Any ideas on where to get official logo materials so I can make a
>proper logo? Specifically, I'd like to get the "BMW" typeface, or even
>better, some Adobe Illustrator files of the roundel.


There was a blurb on this in a recent MOA News and how BMW was
restricting the use of their logo.   

If you want to create a charter club, ask those who are issuing the
charter for the guidelines.  I'd suggest contacting one of the people
pn the following page.  


Wayne Woodruff: http://www.2zars.com
Photoblog: http://2zars.blogspot.com