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Re: BMW Logo?

Hi Mark,

I don't know about the legalities of using the logo, but maybe I can help with the font. Helvetica is close, but BMW built their own based on Helvetica. It can't be purchased anywhere, but it appears to be available for free. Here it is on a site which specializes in automotive fonts (the downloads are over on the right hand side)...

They're also on this BMW UK site (near the bottom of the page)...

Both sites say the files are for Windows, but they are just TrueType fonts and seemed to work fine on my OS X 10.5 MacBook Pro.

Best of luck with it.


On Aug 24, 2009, at 6:24 AM, Emoto wrote:

IMHO, screw BMW and their lawyers; do what you want. Find web sites
and right-click and "save as".



On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 6:13 AM, Wayne Woodruff <wayne@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Someone in the local area is trying to start up a (I think) MOA
chapter. Friend of a friend etc, and I've ended up with a request to
help with the chapter logo/badge/thing.

Any ideas on where to get official logo materials so I can make a
proper logo? Specifically, I'd like to get the "BMW" typeface, or even
better, some Adobe Illustrator files of the roundel.



There was a blurb on this in a recent MOA News and how BMW was
restricting the use of their logo.

If you want to create a charter club, ask those who are issuing the
charter for the guidelines.  I'd suggest contacting one of the people
pn the following page.


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