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Re: BMW Logo?

I just reworked my local club's logo to comply with BMW's new guidelines; I uploaded the pertinent stuff to <http://www.baytah.com/stuff/>.

Included are the 'official' roundel, the *huge* fonts, some pdfs on how to create, and some Adobe InDesign templates.

Good luck!

On 8/23/2009 10:58 PM, Mark Rivera wrote:
Someone in the local area is trying to start up a (I think) MOA
chapter. Friend of a friend etc, and I've ended up with a request to
help with the chapter logo/badge/thing.

Any ideas on where to get official logo materials so I can make a
proper logo? Specifically, I'd like to get the "BMW" typeface, or even
better, some Adobe Illustrator files of the roundel.


Fulton Martin
San Diego, CA
N32 43.950, W117 05.867