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GS-ifying an RS

A couple of years ago, I broke my right wrist in an ill-fated attempt to ride a sport 4-wheeler. The doc put the pieces back together with some mending plates from Home Depot, and 8 weeks later I was riding again. I found that I could no longer take the stock riding position of my 95 R1100RSL. I needed to take some weight off my wrists. 

First, I got a top triple clamp off Ebay and modified it to allow the installation of tubular bars, 7/8th inch instead of the stock BMW 22mm. The 22mm BMW bars I bought were too narrow for the location of the handlebar clamps. Then I installed a set of old Superbike bars from an old project I had laying around. They helped tremendously. I posted a link to pictures after I finished. 

By the way, I used a brake wheel cylinder hone to open up the lever mounts so they would go on a 7/8ths inch bar. The throttle cable was overdue for replacement, so I installed a new RT cable for a little more length. 

Recently, I trailered the bike to Colorado and back. Along the way, the bars slipped in the clamps a bit. I put them back, and tightened the clamps. When I next rode it, I noticed the left bar was bent down. Further inspection showed the bar was collapsing under the clamp. I was about to take it on a trip, so I ran to the only nearby dealer that stocks bars and bought a set of dirt bike bars. They are a bit higher and wider, and they have a serrated section at the bar clamps, so they should not rotate in the clamps. 

I had to re-route the stock clutch cable, and while doing that, I noticed it was fraying at the lever end. I replaced it with a new RT cable, so it now has plenty of length for the new bars. I am still playing with the bar width, so in the photos you can see bar sticking out beyond the end of the grips. I'll probably end up leaving the controls where they are and will cut the bars. 

With the added height, I am comfortable with the seat in the highest position, which makes the seat to peg distance a little more comfortable also. 

I have GS handguards on the bíke to substitute for the heated grips until I am completely settled on the bars.  I am thinking of installing Polly Heaters when I am satisfied with the bars. 

With the superbike bars, the GS handguards would contact the fairing at full lock. With the dirt bike bars, they just barely miss the fairing at full lock. 

I have posted a few pictures showing the original bars, the superbike bars, and now the dirt bike bars at the link below. 


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