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Reformed Oilhead Spline Luber

Whether it was karma or fate, I don't know. Last week, while splitting lanes
on the evening commute, the engine revved, the clutch howled, and there was no
motive power at the rear wheel. I kept my cool, coasted to the right shoulder,
and pushed the GS about a mile to an offramp, and then got a rope tow home.
Just glad it didn't happen on the Bay Bridge...

This is a 2000 R1150GS with about 60k since the trans was last off the bike
(and there was presumably a chance to lube the splines). When we pulled it
yesterday, the clutch hub had just no teeth left at all, and the input shaft
was fairly buggered, too. Certainly not in good enough shape to feel right
about keeping it there. Some pictures:


I'm now looking for a replacement 1150 transmission, ideally one with "enduro"
gearing - shorter 1st and 6th gears. And you betcha, I'll be cracking the bike
apart every three years to lube the new splines, just like I did with my

- Andrew, Berkeley