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Re: Reformed Oilhead Spline Luber


I have no issue or problem with that at all. However, I cannot help
but think that if "the fix" were simple enough that its mere mention
would cause people to no longer bring the work to you, that everyone
would already be doing it anyway. If you see what I mean. One of the
things that I learned when I made my living as a wrench was that so
much of it is all about skill. You always get a better job out of
someone more skilled, than someone less skilled, and that is worth
paying for. I believe you to be quite skilled and I have never heard
anything negative about your work.

I will understand if you don't want to answer, but I think there has
to be something in between "gearbox problems" and "giving away
secrets" that would allow one to understand the nature of the problem.


On Mon, Jan 11, 2010 at 9:43 AM, Tom Cutter <tpcutter@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> <<Ok, but more specifically, is it a bearing/bushing issue that causes
> misalignment that does the damage? Or...?>>
> I rebuild BMW gearboxes as my primary source of income and sustenance. I
> cannot post the hard-learned secrets of my trade on the internet and hope to
> still eat next year. I hope you can understand that. Some guys feel that
> they are entitled to know every detail of trade information. I do not agree
> with that opinion.
> As I already posted, I feel that the spline failure issue is an internal
> trasmission  problem related to build quality.
> Tom Cutter
> Yardley, PA
> http://www.RubberChickenRacingGarage.com