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Re: trade secrets

<<What I am saying is that if someone has the skill to perform
a complex task, than their trade secrets are usually either
something that cannot be patented or copyrighted due to
their being common or prior art, or simply a sales pitch. In
this context I show people how to do things (its called
teaching graduate school) in the knowledge that the tasks we
perform are so complex that we are not in direct competition
save perhaps for recognition.>>

I knew this would end up with me getting insulted. The prevailing attitude is that the public is somehow entitled to the knowledge gained in a lifetime of work. I respectfully but forcefully disagree.

I'm not employed to teach others. If you find a graduate school that wants to employ me, please let me know.

The difference between you and me, Bill, is that I have shared literally thousands of posts' worth of information on various BMW-oriented tech lists, to the benefit of many BMW riders. I just checked my archives of useful posts that I have saved off the 'net in the last 12 years, and your email address doesn't appear once.

But you must be right. It is probably just a sales pitch.

Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA