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Re: trade secrets

I have to say that I agree with Tom. Our participation here is at-will; we share what we've learned to precisely the degree we wish to, and have no obligation to go beyond that.

Years ago I was an active participant in a forum on a different subject, where in all modesty, I had something to say. Enough, apparently, so that it was republished fairly widely for the profit of others without my knowledge or consent. When I objected, the general response appeared to be that everyone else was in some way entitled to the fruits of my labor. This had a very different feel from helping others out whenever I can. In effect, I was expected to serve as the unpaid employee of others who'd profit from what was arguably my intellectual property. As an alternative to accepting that status, I never posted there again. When it's voluntary, it's sharing. When compelled, exploitation.

- Martin

Martin Lodahl of Auburn, California
UNIX Pro, Musician, Motorcyclist