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Re: Gel battery specs?

Oops, yes, it's not gel, it's SLA. Chinese knockoff pretty much
describes it, so I'l stay away.

Fwiw, my (used-from-a-bmw-dealer) bike came with a gel battery and
I've had plenty of ABS fault annoyance. I think I remember someone
saying the other type provided a little more juice at startup, so I
guess it's time to find out.


On Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 12:30 PM, microdoc <microdoc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm assuming the battery in question is a no-name-brand Chinese knock-off at
> that price. If so, I would advise you to pass on it. Those off-brand
> batteries often do not deliver the amp-hour rating marked on them, and may
> result in frequent and annoying ABS faults at start-up (necessitating a
> re-start to clear the fault). I would advise you purchase the new battery
> from your BMW MC Dealer, or at least some other trusted source. BTW, are you
> sure the battery you are looking at is actually a gel battery? I don't think
> I've ever seen a real gel battery for anything like $100 or less. The price
> sounds more like an AGM battery (nothing wrong with that); in fact, I
> believe the correct battery for your bike is the AGM battery, not the gel
> type (I don't own a Roadster, so I could be wrong). Check with a BMW dealer.
> Jim
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> Subject: Gel battery specs?
> Hi, all.
> Does anyone know the specifications on the gel batteries? (I'm
> thinking of the one that goes in my '97 R1100R.)
> I've found a 12V/18Ah battery that looks to be the right size and says:
> Standby use - 13.6-13.8V voltage regulation, 2.7A initial current
> Cyclic use - 14.5-14.9V voltage regulation, 5.4A initial current
> Is this sufficient? I have no idea what the current draw is on the
> moto's battery during start-time and run-time...
> Normally, I would just buy the official battery, but hey, this one is
> $120 cheaper and that could get me a motherboard for a new honeypot.
> :>
> Mark