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RE: Gel battery specs?

Mick, from Tucson said: 
	"a GEL battery is NOT suited for use in a motorcycle application."

I'm don't know what motivates you to make such a statement, but here is an
exception to your rule: My 2003 K1200LTC was delivered to me, new, in March
2004 with the proper BMW OEM gel battery. I have done nothing to that
battery since then except to keep the bike on a float charger when not being
ridden. I did forget to connect the float charger this past summer for the 5
weeks I was riding my GS to Alaska. When I returned home the LT's gel
battery was deader than the proverbial doornail. (The LT's alarm will draw
down the battery too low to engage the starter after approximately two weeks
without use of a float charger. Motorcycles are supposed to be ridden, not
parked!) I was pretty sure I had dealt that battery its death blow, but
connected it to a "smart charger" anyway. 24 hours later the battery was
back to full charge and apparently happy as a clam. I guess that smart
charger is pretty clever, eh? This original BMW Gel Battery is now 6 YEARS
OLD, and still very much alive. I think six flawless years of service
qualifies it as suitable for use in a motorcycle.