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RE: Gel battery specs?

... But the facts are, BMW delivers motorcycles such as my 2003 K1200LT with
GEL BATTERIES, and mine has lasted 6 years so far; another friend with
another 2003 K1200LT replaced his gel battery last fall at 5-1/2 years. They
must be doing something right at 14.4 volts (the maximum charging voltage
for a gel battery). 


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At 07:48 AM 1/15/2010,
>         "a GEL battery is NOT suited for use in a motorcycle application."
>I'm don't know what motivates you to make such a statement,


There is a lot of supporting info on the web about GEL batteries.
One of their biggest drawbacks is the need for a proper charging
profile.  Our alternators do not have a GEL specific regulator.

   Some folks get lucky with the Exide GEL, most do not.