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RE: The R1100RS Lectron Conversion Saga

Hi John,
Thanks, a great story that I think many of us can identify with!!

I can recall the amount of time I spent in the early days of ownership
of my '96 R850R getting the popping on the overrun and smoothness stuff
sorted out (lots of referring to work done by IBMWR folk, and generously
shared by them!).

Fortunately, that bike, still in daily use has been a "gem" since then
(some 15 years) only needing filters and brake pads in the 88000km.

My '01 R1100RT has been excellent "out the box" and has needed virtually
no further throttle balancing or valve clearance adjustment after the
first two or three (self administered) services.  As in the 850, only
filters and brake pads needed (in 85000km).

Its very nice having both bikes sharing most parts - ha ha, peer
pressure has me keeping a new alternator belt and oil sight glass in a
box somewhere on my shelves but so far I have resisted buying any
"spare" cables because all clutch, throttle and speedo cables seem to be
working smoothly...

Thanks again for sharing your story!!

Clive Liddell

Ladies (if any) and Gentlemen:
  The following is an EXTREMELY long post.
  It is, as it turns out, nothing less than a memoir of my career as a
motorcyclist. The reasons explaining what I've done span decades, and
the project and the writing of this report itself have literally taken
years. Nevertheless, I think this kind of story is exactly what this
list is all about.
  So either hit Delete now, or go start a pot of coffee.


  Welcome back.