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RE: The R1100RS Lectron Conversion Saga

I hope all enjoyed the story and got a few laughs out of it.

Just so you don't end up crying yourself...let me be clear, I do NOT recommend making this conversion, or anything like it. Stick with the stock fuel injection--all things considered, I wish I'd done that. If you even start to suspect throttle body wear, fix it before the damage gets as severe as mine did. Then maybe you'll get by with a rebuild instead of a replacement.

Unless of course (like John Merlin Williams) you have an engine that's already missing the Motronic and throttles. Or you're just really just into tinkering for the sake of it.

In which case I'd recommend Mikunis or Dell'Ortos.

It's in the 50's this week in SE Michigan! I was out riding yesterday and had a great time. Can't ride today or tomorrow, unfortunately, due to various logistical considerations.

John Merlin Williams wrote:

>I also enjoyed your Flickr site

For those who might not have got the link because I was having trouble posting that day, my RS's numerous idiosyncracies are featured in full color at:


>What diameter drill and how deep did you drill [3 holes in the end of the stock muffler, for a throatier but not obnoxiously louder exhaust note]

3/8", you just punch through the outer steel. There's a slight gap between the outer and inner construction, which you might end up scratching, but even if you do it's all but impossible to tell and causes no significant damage as far as I can tell.

John Dancoe