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Saturday, Dec 16 2017

I’ve succumbed to the desire for a 3D printer in spite of several years insisting I wasn’t interested.

It is a Creality CR-10S – the “upgraded” version of the CR-10. Here it is printing extensions for the too small knobs used to adjust the bed height and level. I printed one to test it would fit. It did, so now I’m printing three more. The job will be done in another 5 or 6 hours.

I’ve only had the printer a few days and am still learning its ins and outs. The printer isn’t all that hard to use. It took some time to try out various sofware packages that prepare a design for printing and settle on one. Now I need to learn how each of the eleventy-seven parameters that go into preparing a design for printing work.

Right now I prepare a print on my computer and transfer it to an SD card. The printer reads the data off the SD card to print the item. The micro-SD cards used by the printer are a pain to removing and install. To eliminate moving SD cards back and forth I’ve ordered a Raspberry Pi which will run OctoPrint to allow me to control the printer over WiFi from my desktop, tablet, or phone.

More, later.


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