20th California Coast Camp-out and BBQ

October, 2009

Pictures of some (most?) of the bikes in attendance at the 20th occurence of this event. Alas, I put the camera away after taking pictures of the bikes and forgot to bring it out again to take pictures of the people. I blame too much beer!

I rode to the event alone down 25 to Lonoak, stopping at King City for gas. From King city it was just over 40 miles to the campground at the south shore of Lake San Antonio taking Jolon road to Interlake. On the way back Darryl led a group consisting of me, Alan and Carol two up, Brent on his side-car with Little-bit riding shotgun, and Sue on her side-car to an early lunch in King City. After lunch we headed to the coast via Carmel Valley Rd. Not too hot, not too cold. Nice ride.