Last Saturday ride of the year

Chris writes (12/26):

Thanks to Darryl Richman’s question last week Bill Grass and I rode two ‘wendy’s’ (read dead-ends) that I hadn’t been down in at least 30 years. We did this after breakfast with the ‘Groeger Brunch Bunch’. Darryl’s question dealt with Star Hill Road, which is at the end of Swett Road from Skyline (CA #35), he turned right, but wanted to know about ‘left’. Star Hill is 4.3 miles, end to end. At about 2.5 miles there’s an intersection with David Hill (sp?) and that road runs about 2 miles before becoming a private road, but open to the public. All roads were paved, the ‘private portion’ poorly. It ends at an open gate that’s posted ‘no tresspassing’.

The first three pictures (two telephoto), were taken there. We back-tracked back to Star Hill and rode that to the very end. Well paved, but one lane and very twisting through redwoods, got up to 17 MPH for a very brief period. It too, ends at a gate. We turned around and rode Star Hill to it’s terminus at Tunitas Creek Rd, ergo I know the 4.7 mile length. Next, we rode south on Skyline to Bear Gulch and down that road to it’s terminus at the gate shown in Photo #4. Bear Gulch is 3.2 miles in length and goes in an out of redwood groves. The photo on its side was taken the same place as Photo 4, and the last photo is of Bear Gulch Road when not in the redwoods. Fun exploration. No traffic, lots of deer. Thanks to Darryl’s question, we had fund and now have answers.