The Breakfast Club: Mailing List Archives

The mailing list archives through March 2014 are available by year. Select one of the following links to review previous postings to the list for that year. Postings since March 2014 are on the google group that replaced the original mailing list.


SMBC Mailing List

As of March 2014 the mailing list is a google group. You can subscribe and unsubscribe at!forum/smbc-mail. Members of the group can also browse topics (and reply) from the web interface. The message submission address is

Please don’t ask me how to subscribe. I don’t know. As the group creator I am already a member of the group and google doesn’t show me the same information that non-members see. I tried to make it easy by sending “invitations” to members of the old mailing list. Apparently invitations expire.