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Re: New CHP vehicles- I'm outta here!

Bon voyage, Mark.  Keep in touch.  At least a local motorcyyclist knows one
more place in which to look up a former riding buddy.
Jerry Grainger

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From: "Mark Putnam" <markputnam108@yahoo.com>
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Sent: Tuesday, July 02, 2002 8:11 AM
Subject: New CHP vehicles- I'm outta here!

> Hi All,
>   Well if the cops are going to get sneaky I guess
> I'll have to hightail to another state where I can
> keep track of them. I was hoping I could squeeze in
> one more ride before my move to Asheville, NC, but
> time has caught up with me. I leave on July 6th.
>   I'm going to miss riding with this great group. It's
> been ten years since Dave Gallegos walked up to me in
> my first Burlingame Rotary meeting and asked, "So, do
> you ride a motorcycle?" I thought there might be some
> deep-seated prejudice against Hells Angels types so I
> answered cagily. Anyway, the next Sunday I was on the
> ride.
>   Lots has happened in my life since joining this
> group, including a previous move away for about nine
> months. Who knows, I may return. Asheville is host to
> the Blue Ridge Mountains, supposedly superb motorcycle
> country.
>   Thanks for everything everyone. Keep the rubber side
> down and many happy miles to you.
> Warm regards,
> Mark
> --- Jerry <jgreysffd@jps.net> wrote:
> > Hi All:
> >
> > Just returned from Mexico trip and received this
> > file in my e-mail.  The
> > word document contains pictures of the new CHP
> > vehicles.  This one is a
> > white camaro with the new light bar.  The rooftop
> > lights work in multi
> > color LED's, they can be all one color or multi
> > colors
> > (red-blue-amber-clear) and steady or flash.
> >
> > I always prided myself on "spotting" CHP vehicles
> > with my radar detector
> > or visually, but these vehicles blend in just too
> > well.  The odds are
> > changing again in favor of the speed enforcers.
> >
> > Good luck Jessica, Ted, Jerry Grainger, and the rest
> > of us that tend to
> > push the limits!
> >
> > Jerry Grey
> >
> > P.S.  The Mexico ride was excellent.
> >
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> > application/msword which had a name of New CHP.doc]
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