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Re: Sorry about the confusion

 > Sorry about the confusion I seemed to have created this morning.

It's OK Jessica.  In your absence we almost voted you as the first
repeat for the boot.   The only problem is figuring out who will
ghost your speech as you award it to yourself :-)

 > Those folks who were at the Donut Shop knew that I was not going to
 > Soquel. But no one else was going to lead the group and I ended up
 > riding the leader position. Well, Jerry, thanks for catching up with me
 > to warn that I missed the turn. But I myself did not miss the turn.

Well, as I understand things there were only three at the donut
shop.   Correct?   If so *none* of you made it to the Silver Spur.
Sounds like a conspiracy to me.

 > I hope whoever went to Silver Spur had a good breakfast and enjoyed
 > complaining about what a dope I was :-o

No complaints, just the usual confusion.   I believe there were 10 at
the restaurant for breakfast.   Tom stopped by to say hi, but took off
before eating for a 9:30 Tee time.   After breakfast some headed home
using various routes, others went to Laguna Seca.

 > We will coordinate a little better from next week.

Sure we will!

// marc