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Re: The Boot

This is what's known as a Big Mac attack!

In a message dated Wed, 28 Aug 2002 7:37:23 PM Eastern Standard Time, ghmcd@sbcglobal.net writes:

>    Fellow riders of the Sunday Morning Breakfast Club. I have a question for
> you. What does the leadership of SMBC and Saddam Hussian have in common? They
> do not lead a democracy!  You may ask how I know this? Well let me tell you my
> sad tale of woe. Last year I wrote a very short and extremely mild e-mail on
> the lack of leadership, on the parts of Mr. Dave Gallegos and Mr. Carl Tyler,
> pointing out to them some areas where their lack of leadership could improve.
> Do you think they could take this as constructive criticism? No, lets kill the
> messenger is their philosophy. So my fellow members, I leave you with these
> words of advice.  Never, and I mean never ,criticize the long list of short
> comings of Mr. Dave Gallegos or Mr. Carl Tyler, or you too will end up with
> the boot. Also, moving out of state will not stop the two of them from seeking
> their revenge.
>    I also have to ask myself what part Miss.Jessica Arai had in my getting
> the boot. (so watch your back around this woman)
>    Fellow riders take notice that these  people didn't have the courage to
> give me the boot while I was at the dinner to defend myself. They had to
> change the rules and give the boot to me when I was not present to enlighten
> my fellow riders with their petty revenge.
>    When receiving notice over the phone, my fellow riders, I heard nary a nay
> from the back ground on my receiving of the boot. So I'm happy I've moved out
> of state so I can make some loyal and true friends.
>    So being the magnanimous person that I am .  I except the boot.
>     If you want to keep the tradition of the boot going, start a collection
> now, because being the scotsman that I am, I'm too cheap to pay UPS to send it
> back.
> PS Hope to see everyone in Death Valley this fall, so I can hear first hand
> what was said about me. The only thing I really miss is 
> rideing with the
> group.
>                                           Mac