Breakfast at the Cozy Cup

The ride started off in sunshine. Three riders pulled off early as they picked an alternate restaurant so they could get to the start of the Clubman show morning after ride. The rest continued on to Hollister for breakfast at the Cocy Cup.

After breakfast I made my way over to the coast (see map, below) then decided to come up 9. The good part of that decision was catching up with Carl, one of those who didn’t go all the way to Hollister, on 9. The bad part of that decision was the traffic on 35. Bikes. Lots of them. Going maybe 35 MPH. We tried to pass but the group was too long and they did not make it easy.

That group didn’s stop at Alice’s. Good thing as the parking lot was full and then some. I took a picture after a large group had left and both sides of the parking lot were still full.