The Breakfast Club: Where No Misfortune goes UnReported

Sunday, Jan 13, 2013

Eight riders braved a cold January morning. How cold was it? One reported a low of 27º F. My thermometer never read above freezing on the ride to Cupertino. My gloves don’t work very well below 35 ºF… even with heated grips on high. Note to self: glove liners don’t help when they are in your tank bag instead of on your hands.

After breakfast Markus had some issues. At a minimum his battery didn’t like the cold. First try with jumper cables didn’t do anything so out came the multi meter to see where power was and wasn’t going. I think his kill switch didn’t like the cold, either. Or maybe it was the main ignition switch. After much wiggling back and forth of both power resumed flowing and a second try with the jumper cables got the bike running (and Markus safely home).

Pictures from Major WWWobble