The Breakfast Club: Sonoma Valley Airport

Sunday, Aug 11 2013

Breakfast this morning was at the Fremont Diner which is not in Fremont. It’s not even in the East Bay. It is close to Dan’s house and the Sonoma Valley Airport which was the eventual after breakfast destination.

Pictures from Markus of the ride to breakfast

I guess you can tell that I followed Markus on the ride to breakfast.

I took these pictures of the bikes parked at Dan’s house

More pictures from Markus of the “let’s kill 90 minutes” ride.

This ride took us from Dan’s house the the airport… the very long way. Dan sends this link which shows the approximate route.

Rob took these pictures. Since one of them is of my R69S I had to include them.

I created this short video of portions of the ride.

Sonoma Valley Airport

Pictures I took of some of the birds at the airport.