The Breakfast Club: Where's WWWobble?

Sunday, Dec 27 2015

Markus sends this picture and writes:

Today’s SMBC ride started very cold with temperatures below freezing. Nevertheless we had nine riders on bikes and one showing up on his quadrocycle. Minus Maj. Wwwobble. During breakfast he sent an SMS:

“A little problem here this morning. Frozen pipes. Still no hot water to back bathroom. Sorry to miss the cold ride.”

We sent him an appropriate response:

“Too bad, Marco is buying :)”

Ok, excused. Hot water comes first on a day like this. Astonishingly quite a few riders also headed up to Alice’s despite the temperatures. I think everybody took it easy since there were lots of frozen puddles at the side of the road to remind you that there might be treacherous corners ahead. At Alice’s we ran into a bunch more riders gathering up for the annual Norton Owners Club’s “Freeze Ride”. Very appropriate today. Randy Hendricks was among the Norton riders and having a haphazard breakfast from the convenience store at Sky Londa. Sorry Randy, you missed out on a great breakfast too.