The Breakfast Club: Dinner in SLO

Thursday thru Monday, Apr 6-10 2017

Rob writes:

Left SF to go to San Luis Obispo to partake in the best downtown farmers market any where. On the way I stopped at the Indian Hollister shop and promptly scored a free bike cover. Perfect fit. The dealer said someone gave it to him and it has been sitting on his desk for 6 months. The donor said to give it to a new home. Met up with SMBC member who was travelling by bicycle, Mike Geggie. We rendezvoused in SLO. If you have never been to the downtown SLO farmers market you have to go there. It is downtown and is at night with music, art, food, entertainment, and good times. Stayed at the Sands on Monterey and they are renovating their hot tub so it was out of commission.

Friday April 7, Pouring rain all day. The only ride I made was 3 miles away to my designated pre booked hotel called the Rose Garden Inn located 2 exits south of town. they have a very nice pool and hot tub and that was a treat. Evening entertainment was to be the rodeo at the stadium but this was rained out. Bummer. Uber driver recommended we eat at Mamas Meatballs in the Creamery and this was a delight. Very good food and ambiance and cheap compared to SF pricing.

Sat April 8, Mike left to go south on his bicycle and I rode to Avila beach, south to Buelton to have a cup of pea soup then off to Solvang and the Vintage Motorcycle Museum. 10 bucks to get in and see over 100 years of historic well maintained bikes. Very cool!

Sunday April 9 early departure and cold. 45 in the morning but I did use my new heated grips. Headed up scenic 25 and saw more bikes than cars for the next 75 miles. Waived to Marc, Harry, Chris and Carl as they were heading south while I was zooming at 80 mph heading north. When you ride with this group “you ride in the opposite direction”.

Recommend next year we leave on a Thursday and return Sat or Sunday and enjoy the central California sites. To insure hotel space do not book on the parents weekend when they are exploring the campus for their 18 year old thinking of attending Cal Poly.

Pictures from Rob

Pictures from Carl and Marc

Marc writes:

Sunday, 8 AM. Seven for breakfast at Hobees in Cupertino. Only 4 of us heading south to SLO.

Sunday, about 10:15 AM. Ridinbg south of Tres Pinos on 25 we wave to Rob heading north.

Sunday, dinner for nine. Dinner was OK but not worth the long walk and the very long wait. The restaurant was under staffed and even with requests we couldn’t get served drinks while waiting for a table. We should go somewhere else next year.

Monday, ride home. Carl, Harry, and I had breakfast at Margie’s Diner in Paso Robles. Harry and I took back roads to King City then 101 the rest of the way home.