Thingie Theme Camp 2000 Periphery

Me (Michelle), playing in the harness in Thunderdome.

My dad and me, trying to beat the crap out of each other in the Thunderdome. (Daddio won, because I, as usual, injured myself)

Flaming sword fight in Thunderdome.

View of Thunderdome with a couple of the Death Guild cars in the foreground. Thunderdome battles were in session during this photo.

On Thursday of the week of the burn, the dust storms started getting so bad that they knocked out a couple of the Death Guild towers. People who happened to be wandering by lent us a hand (and DPW lent us their truck) to help keep the towers from falling completely down. One tower was so severely damaged that it had to be tied down with the cars as weights. Storms like this were the reason the Faerie Market wasn't set up very much.

The infamous "burning of the man". Not that you can see it from this distance, but the Death Guild fire dancers (Burn Unit) were included with many others in the burn ceremony, dancing around the 20' man just before it was lit. Capturing this event on film is a bit like taking a picture of Yosemite. Yeah, it makes for an interesting and kind of pretty picture, but it really isn't anything next to the real experience of being there.

David King (the guy who brought Death Guild to the desert and said "Hey, why don't we build Thunderdome out here?". Infamous for his love of all things gummi, here he is posing with a couple of gummi snakes.

At some point during the end of the week of the burn, I went out with Matthew and Big Dave to go play with a homemade flame thrower. This is Matt firing it off at nothing in particular. <beavis & butthead>FIRE! FIRE! </b&b>

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