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Re: List

Robert Silas writes:
 > Mostlikely all bikes are hibernating. The snow pile on my front lawn is as
 > high as the roof-line.

Oh, I went for a ride today, but the crazies were out in force.  In
a 30 mile round trip I saw:

* 2 people make an illegal left turn in front of me
* Lots of people driving 20-25 in 405-50 MPH zones
* One person come to a near complete stop -- at a GREEN light
* One code 3 firetruck (hope it wasn't a bike down)
* One code 3 ambulance (ditto)
* a wrecker holding the remains of at least one bike

All this in nice weather with dry roads and temps in the upper 50s.
I decided it was nicer to be at home then out on the road today.

// marc