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RE: List

 Bob, and All,

It's so nice to just hear of the lovely cool weather - its was already 33C
here at 9am and I think it will be closer to 38 after lunch - humidity way
up!  Just take a jug out the 'frig and in 5 minutes it is standing in a pool
of condensation.   I could REALLY use a pile of snow on my lawn!

I use either the R or the RT in this weather - often the (1100) RT is
"cooler" on a longer run since the wind "sear" is less and I drop the
(standard) screen right down - only an open face helmet (big flip visor) and
BMW ventilated gloves.  Long cotton trousers and long sleeved cotton shirt
for sun damage protection.  Strong closed toecap (and heel) sandalls
completes the outfit ;>)

Storms (with hail and lightning) every afternoon so careful about being in
the open - I'm sure a well grounded lightning "rod" would offer adequate

Happy New Year to all!

Clive Liddell
South Africa

Most likely all bikes are hibernating. The snow pile on my front lawn is as
high as the roof-line.
Bob Silas