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Nothing like "is the list still alive?" messages to perk things up.


I have to be the weather idiot of this group.   We leave for a ride south on
Friday after Thanksgiving every year at crack o' dawn.  Two years ago it
said -8F on my R12RT's built in thermometer.   This was my new bike!  I rode
30 miles to the meeting point in the dark for that one.  We had a long
breakfast and it may have warmed up 10 degrees by the time we were saddling
up.  A couple guys decided to drop out.  I think there were only 3 of us who
actually went.  We did Deal's and Chereoa and came back across TN, up to
Louisville and in to Chicago via Rt. 47.  Don't remember the temps but snow
was threatening.   


This year has been the kind of winter I remember as a kid.   Snow at least
once a week.  Right now, it's +5F AND SNOWING.   I can't remember seeing
that.   Perhaps the earth is cooling back down?