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Cat Eliminator

[Lurk mode off] I should chime in here. The VFR muffler project was by my friend RoyB. I also dod this to my 1100RS. Roy used a Two Brothers cross over pipe because the TB can was way too loud. So he put on the VFR can instead. Worked really great, and had exactly the right sound. Not offensive, but really fun to listen to.

You can see a pictorial on RoyB's web site here:

I have some 21 pictures of my project, which used pipe parts from JC Whitney instead of the TB cross over. Most of that stuff is under the bike and doesn't show. So it worked out OK. TB is not interested in selling the cross over by itself.

If the OP wants to see my pics (they are not on line), send me a pm to kbhadden - at - verizon - dot - net. I'll shrink 'em down and email them to you.

Bob Hadden '98R1100RS(former), '05R12GS(former), '62R27, '06 Breva

On Jan 20, 2008, at 10:17 AM, Don MacQueen wrote:

If you can search the archives, for a whiie folks were adapting the Honda VFR800 muffler and a crossover pipe they sourced from somewhere to connect to the header. Like I say, the archives should be able to give you the how-to. If you can find a crossover, I've got a muffler downstairs you can have for cheap.

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