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Re: '95 R1100R Speedo

At 12:58 PM 5/14/2008, freebird wrote:

I have a '95 R1100R, and recently the speedo has stopped working. I changed
the cable (the old one wasn't broken), but it still doesnt work..can anyone
help??? Also it srunning at about 1500-1700 rpm at idle...does anyone know
how I can reduce the revs at idle, or is normal idle around the 1500 rpm
mark ? Thanks for any help...

Remove the drive gear assembly from the front wheel. The nylon gear in there has
been known to strip.  Item #5 here:

You can turn both idle air screws IN to lower the idle but you should
probably have a TwinMax or Carb Stix attached to balance the two
throttle bodies when you do it.