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Re: Wiring

At 05:58 PM 6/27/2008, Dean Chowenhill wrote:
>'97 GS
>After years of resisting rider to passenger communications, I finally
>gave in - but that is another topic!!
>I purchased a Starcom-1 system and am
>installing it on my GS.  The hot lead from the unit is fused, but they
>recommend NOT connecting it directly to the battery.  I would like to connect
>the hot lead so it is only hot when the ignition is on.  I thought this would
>be easy, just find a hot lead to the tail light - not so easy.
>Decided to ask
>my experts.  That would be you guys.
>PS I enjoy this forum and have
>profited by your advice and have enjoyed contributing.  Glad it is still

   I've had my Starcom since 2003.  You can hook it to the battery with no
problems.  The Starcom is only powered when you have the rider's helmet
plugged in.  There is no drain on the battery with the helmet unplugged.

   You could also use Fuse 1,2,4 or 7 since all of those fuses are 'switched' .
The front parking lamp is a common place to attached accessories too. The
current draw from your Starcom would not be noticed.