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Re: More GPS

Hello all,

From: "Tom Brown" <tbrown@xxxxxxxxxxx>

With all due respect to Dean and Bob, I would not recommend buying either a
Quest or a 2610 with the new Garmin models available.   While they are
useful, they are not nearly as intuitive as the newer ones. I really would
not buy anything that has me changing maps out when I cross a state line.
The idea of getting started with something cheap and graduating to a better one later doesn't apply here. It's just the opposite with GPS. The newest
ones are the easiest to use.

For my 2 cents, I have a Garmin StreetPilot III and a Garmin 2610. I didn't have any problems with the 2610 in terms if being intuitive. My non-techie wife uses it competently without my help. I bought a 2 GB memory card, cheap, and it stores all the data for North America, so there is no need for me to "change maps" while I travel throughout the continental US and Canada. It's all there.

While the newer GPSes may be better still (I have no personal experience with those), the 2610 is a wonderful GPS. If you can get one cheap, and you should, since it's a non-current model, then all the better!

-Steve Makohin
'01 R1100S/ABS
Oakville, Ontario, Canada