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Re: Brakes

If you fill-up the oil-container to the very top there is no room left for expansion of the heated up brake fluid. In that case, after a few hard brakings, the brake oil heats up and the expansion takes place inside the calipers, which forces the caliper-pistons to squeeze the rotors.
Keep brake-fluid level at about 3/4 full.
Bob Silas
'94 R1100RS

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Subject: Brakes

Last year the front calipers on my 1994 R1100 RS started to stick to the
point where if I kept going they would get so hot as to stop the bike.  They
would release after the bike sat for a few minutes. I ordered a caliper
rebuild kit and all seemed to be OK but now they are doing the same thing.
There is a bit of drag between the pads and the rotors but not a whole lot.
The bike sits all winter and I am thinking that the problem may be the
master cylinder as both rotors got hot. A few days ago the bike started to
slow down after less than a mile and I believe the bike would have
completely stopped if I had tried to keep going and both rotors were very
hot. Before ordering a master cylinder rebuild kit I would appreciate any
comments or suggestions. Can you also tell me what I should order. Is it
just the piston in the master cylinder or are there seals also?



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