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RE: Integral ABS module failure


>Not one to let a minor inconvenience like intermittent malfunctioning brakes
to end a good trip [snip]


Exciting story!

I'm old enough that I've learned excitement is bad, boring is good.

Well, to an extent anyway.

I don't have much to say about plug-and-playability of the modulator except my
own experience: I never found a plug!

Maybe I just didn't look hard enough; maybe on later models there is a
connector, I dunno. I ended up using wirecutters <grimace>.

Why? Because I removed my 1993 R1100RS's ABS completely after I had one too
many exciting ABS-related incidents (which were far less dramatic than yours,
and definitely unrelated to any FOD).

That was several years ago and we thrashed the ups and downs of it pretty
thoroughly on this list at the time. If you haven't been lurking long enough
to have read it, I can send the story off-list.

Or, I could repeat it on-list for newcomers who might be interested, though
I'm leery because it will likely rekindle the big debate about the merits of
ABS, which got fairly heated back then.

But the list has been pretty quiet lately, maybe there's nothing better to

I'll dismiss that topic for now with the latest update: something like 35k
miles later, I still think ditching the ABS was the best modification I've
made to the bike, and I still actively relish the night-and-day difference
literally every time I ride, up to and including this morning's commute.

Unlike my carburetor installation project on which the verdict is, so far at
least, a resounding "not so much".

The whole sordid carburetor story will hit this list shortly. It will be

John Dancoe
'93 R1100RS
'74 R60/6