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RE: Integral ABS module failure


Closest US dealers to me are in Detroit and Rochester. I am not familiar with
either of them.
A US dealer repair is an option.  Your quite right, the cost difference is
huge. The $4100 quote
I was given didn't include the %13 taxes either!  I don't mind paying extra
because I live in
Canada. Its to be expected, a large land mass , fewer people and a smaller tax
base. But an
80% mark up compared to US pricing, when the CDN dollar is almost at par,
seems a bit excessive.

While I would certainly like to attribute this problem to the accident,
everything was fine for
3 weeks and 5K km after the accident was repaired.  I believe the shock of the
impact may
have damaged the circuit board and electronics of the ABS, but I have no way
prove it. It
remains speculation on my part.  The mechanic at the dealer agrees with me and
sympathises, but that
is the extend of their assistance.  They benefited by my misfortune to the
tune of $5700 for the
insurance claim, yet they won't budge and give me a nickel off the $3600 part
I now require.
Nor will they support me in a further claim against my insurance.

I think I will check the ABS wheel transducers for proper clearance though.
That's a good idea.
One wouldn't suspect they could trigger an internal ABS modulator fault, but
you never know.
regards, paul

> From: microdoc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> To: oilheads@xxxxxxxxx> Subject: RE:
Integral ABS module failure> Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 14:27:16 -0400> > Paul:> >
Such a large cost of repair difference might suggest it is worth a trip to>
the US and avail yourself of the excellent service departments of BMW>
Motorcycles of Cleveland or Max BMW or other. It sounds to me that something>
in your ABS system in the proximity of your wheels was damaged in the>
accident and not properly repaired or re-assembled afterwards. I'd at least>
get a second opinion and alert the insurance adjuster that all ain't right> in
the brakes...> > Jim> microdoc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> > > Folks,> > ...This June I
had a little encounter with a object lying in the middle of a> 4> lane divided
highway I happened to be riding...> > regards, paul>