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RE: Battery Problem?

Sounds to me as if your alternator belt may have broken?
Clive Liddell 

The trusted RT1100 (2000) died on me this afternoon 40 miles from home.
Luckily a gentleman stopped and we tried to jump start it but to no avail.
Turns out he only live a few miles from me and took me home. With the help
of my neighbor, truck & trailer we got it home.

Was riding along when the battery light came on, then the ABS light started
flashing. A few miles down the road I got off on my exit and the bike died.
I was able to bump started and continued down the road. I slowed up and the
bike started mis-firing and died. Try starting it and only got a clicking

Have the side cover off tonight, and will pull the battery in the morning.
Battery is a BMW gel type, installed June 2004. Holiday weekend and I'm sure
the dealership will be closed tomorrow, but I can get the battery checked at
the auto parts store.

What else may it be if not the battery?

Damon in Detroit