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Re: Alternator Belt

<< have the correct belt installation and tensioning tools and a belt >
tension gauge.B B Can you speak some more to this? Are these BMW/OEM tools?B B It's just about the time for me to swap in a new one based on current mileage...B B MarkB >>

We are talking about the NON-ELAST belts now. I.e. the Poly V Belt is
today;s topic.

Thge BMW tool is a little spring-loaded nut that you use to set the
tension with a finely calibrated torquemeter.

The belt tension gauge I use is a Ducati tool. 887130748. I'll leave it
to you to figure out how to use it on a BMW.

The BMW tool is a little spring-loaded nut,  tool number 90 88 6 123
551. I canlt find the page where they have the instructions for this
little gem, I seem to recall that it was in a Service Bulletin, but I'm
not so sure right now.

Maybe there is someone on list who has access to the Bulletins and
could find it for us.

Tom Cutter
Yardley, PA
*"To get something you never had, you have to do something you never
did." *