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RE: oilheads-digest V4 #210


That is the concept but there are a lot of parts that need to come off
before that happens. I wouldn't attempt it without the R11xx service
manual. I've done it alone, but it is much easier with two people. I
also used a rope and pulley like Paige suggested.
To replace the fuel manifold I think you just need to remove the tank,
seat mounts, top shock mount (on an RT, I'm not familiar with the
nuances of other models), and battery, then tackle the various
electrical connectors and finally the airbox after tilting up the
subframe. The manual actually says reassembly is the reverse of




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than it is? When the bolts are out, does one simply lift the subframe
away from the engine? Does it need to be moved much in order to get the
airbox out?
Any help from the brotherhood would be much appreciated.



It is the crazy design of the air box that makes removal of the rear sub
frame necessary.  If they hadn't wrapped it around the frame so
completely you wouldn't have to do much to remove the air box.

It does require the sub frame bolts to be removed and the sub frame
rotated up in the air.  I used a rope and pully system to my garage
ceiling and cranked it up.

The wiring does tend to bind a bit so watch it when you rotate the frame

The good news is putting the sub frame back is pretty simple.  A few
minutes with a drift pin to align the holes is about all you need

While you are in that far you may want to pull the transmission and lube
the splines if they haven't been done in a while.  But that does involve
more work with the swing arm etc... so don't take it on unless you are
up for it...

That work is definitely more involved and has some "risk" factors
involved that you may not want to tackle since you are limited to
knowing which end of the bike is which.

The tail light is on the front of the bike? Right?

Good luck

Paige  Gainesville Fl

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