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fuel system-The nightmare continues

Good afternoon heads,
I decided to change the fuel filter on my 94 R1100RS. Decided to try the late
Rob Lentini's conversion to an external filter. Removed the canister and
replaced the  old vent lines with new, also replaced the fuel strainer on the
fuel pump. After much  work I was having trouble with the line leading into
the fuel distribution line leaking like crazy. After consulting with Tom
Cutter, I double clamped the line and the leaking  stopped there. Using the
specified filter  (3401 if memory serves) I hooked everything up. Bear in mind
that all the fuel lines are new. When I turn the ignition switch on and the
system presurizes, fuel begins pissing at the  output end of the filter. It is
not the filter, i've tried 4 new ones as well as new clamps. The fuel pressure
simply overcomes the clamp and leaks at the output end of the filter.
I know that others have done this conversion successfully so i'm lost at this
The only thoughts I have are that the fuel pressure regulator has something to
do with it or perhaps the stock BMW  filter may have a pressure regulating
function which holds back  some of the pressure  on the input side (I was not
using the BMW filter in this application).
Tom  advocated that I go  with the origional setup and put the filter back in
the tank. At this point, i'm so damn sick of ripping everything apart that I
don't know what else to do.
Another thing is that sometimes I would replace the filter and clamps and the
bike would run fine and not leak.  I  went through a round of this  yesterday
and ran the bike at high speed as well as up and down through the gears with
no leaking; then this morning when I turned the ignition on the thing began
pissing fuel again.
Any help and advice is most welcome as the alternative for the bike is a