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Re: The trail of pissing fuel saga update


Humm...I have a similar bike, a '94 R1100RS and did similar mods many moons ago. I moved the fuel filter and use the Autolites for a number of years. I do now use Bosch +4 4418's but only because I thought the Autolites corroded to easily.

The bike runs normally with 5 bars showing on the temp at highway speeds and it gets around 45mpg.

I've never cleaned the big brass screws. I hadn't really thought about it.

It does seem very odd that you'd have to screw the right hand one in all the way to balance the throttle bodies. I just balanced the ones on my bike recently. I went and checked. Both screws are around 1 1/4 to 1 1/8 turns out.

Something is happening on that right side. My best guess is the throttle cable isn't fully seated in the pulley. While you're there, check for any bits of gravel wedged in the pulley's slot under the cable. I had that happen once and it made balancing the TBs problematic and the bike ran like shit.

That reminds me, one time after doing a TB balance the idle speed was way up. I found the throttle cable wasn't fully seated at the throttle.

Did you remember to connect the vacuum hose, or seal off the vacuum nipples on the bottom side of the TBs?

Sparkplugs tight? Exhaust pipes tight at the head? One time the dealership forgot to do more than finger tighten the exhaust pipe's nuts one time. Bike ran like crap then too.

As for the gauge possibly being wrong. An engine running at 5 bars gives off noticeably more heat than one at 2 bars. Does it feel like the engine is at 2 or 5?

Anyway, I'd recommend taking a close look at that right hand TB. Something is going on there.

One more mod for ya. You could swap out the air tubes for ones for a GS, also a Lentini mod...


On Sep 24, 2008, at 7:41 AM, WILLIAM BUFFTON wrote:

Morning heads,

Last night I purchased the BMW fuel filter and 2 of the old style German crimp clamps. Installed the filter and put a crimp clamp on the output end of the filter. No leaks, so I took it for a ride and the bike ran well, albiet rich and the oil temp never passed 2 bars on the Rider Information Display. Mileage was down from the high 40's to the high 30's. Got up this morning, turned on the bike to start it and low and behold the filter was now pissing fuel out of the input side of the filter. Put the 2nd crimp clamp on the input side of the filter after removing the screw type f.i. clamp and no leaks for now. As of this writing, it appears that in my application, the only clamps that can stand up to the pressure are the old style crimp clamps, at least when using the Goodyear 5/16 Nitrile f.i. hose. While this may not be typical, it is my

When I was in the tank, I changed out the old fuel vent lines for new ones and changed the fuel strainer as well. I also installed Autolite 3923 plugs and attempted to ballance the throttle bodies after cleaning the Big Brass Screws. In order to ballance the TB's it was necessary to turn the screw on the right
TB all the way in.

At this point, this has resulted in the bike running exceptionally cool (2 bars of oil temperature at highway speeds when it used to run 5 bars when fully warmed up) as well as the idle raising from 950 to 1200-1225. I expect
i'll need to  have at the screws again and reballance things.

Any thoughts or ideas are welcome and would be appreciated.

Again, many thanks to  all  those folks who came to  my aid.