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Pissing, now running cold

>It does seem very odd that you'd have to screw the right hand one in all
the way to balance the throttle bodies. I just balanced the ones on my bike
recently. I went and checked. Both screws are around 1 1/4 to 1 1/8 turns
I missed your telling us about this!   Did you get that issue sorted?
Absolutely wrong that the right side TB has to be turned down all the way.
Set them both the same.   You either have something stuck in the right side
TB pulley that's holding the cable out or the cable sheath, up by the right
side adjustment, is not seated in the little metal cup.   As I said before,
these seem to pop out every time the tank is removed, at least for me.   
>Something is happening on that right side. My best guess is the throttle
cable isn't fully seated in the pulley. 
>While you're there, check for any bits of gravel wedged in the pulley's
slot under the cable. I had that happen once and it made balancing the TBs
problematic and the bike >ran like shit.
Probably not since your bike runs good.
>That reminds me, one time after doing a TB balance the idle speed was way
up. I found the throttle cable wasn't fully seated at the throttle.
Oooh.  Interesting.   This never happened to me, but I'm sure it could
>Did you remember to connect the vacuum hose, or seal off the vacuum nipples
on the bottom side of the TBs?
Right.  Nipples.  Mine had a vacuum tube.  
>Sparkplugs tight? 
You'll get a noise sounding like a valve knock.  
>Exhaust pipes tight at the head? One time the dealership forgot to do more
than finger tighten the exhaust pipe's nuts one time. Bike ran like crap
then too.
Usually this also makes a noise like a valve knock.  
>As for the gauge possibly being wrong. An engine running at 5 bars gives
off noticeably more heat than one at 2 bars. Does it feel like the engine is
at 2 or 5?
You've told me that it was really hot at 4 bars when you were tuning.  
>Anyway, I'd recommend taking a close look at that right hand TB.  
>Something is going on there.
Yup.  Right as rain, Karl.