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New (to you) RT

I had a '99RT.  I agree they are very good bikes.   Mine had the rear seal
leak, like many.   I got it fixed under warranty, lucky.   It also surged a
bit and I tried a lot of things to get rid of the problem.  Some worked,
some didn't.  I learned a lot about them in the process.   
I now have an '05 RT with Wilbers suspension.  It's a fantastic bike.  It's
lighter and easier to not dump in parking lots.   It's got more power.  It
is smoother than the '99 unless the '99 was just tuned with a fresh TB
adjustment.  There is none of that with the new bikes.  They just work.
Valve adjustment procedure is the same.  The old RT was smoother when
accelerating simply because the cylinders didn't have as big of bang to put
up with.   The new bikes get significantly better mileage.   Handling is
better.  They use standard sport bike sized tires now.Front is 120/70-17 and
rear is 180/55/17 (from memory)  The important thing is that the size now
matches most sport bikes sold in the US so tire selection is very big.
Also you can find a tire at a Honda or Yamaha shop now if you're on the
I put handlebar risers on from Suburban Machinery.  I like them.  I put on
foot peg extensions.  I didn't like them and removed them.   I have short
legs and the bike didn't feel right to me with the extensions on.  
I buried a Valentine One in the left side of the front cowl. It has the
remote display which I velcroed to the bottom of the dash on the left side.
I bought a black rocker switch from Radio Shack and put it in one of the
slugs for the radio (I don't have the radio.  All I had to do was drill the
non-radio cover plate and stick this switch in it.  The wiring all fits
under the left side winglet.   There is a lot of empty space in there.   I
also have a Legal Speeding LED in helmet with sender attached to the V-1.
I put a plastic bag around the whole thing up in the cowl to keep water out.
I've been through a couple of real deluges and so far, so good.  
Zumo 550 goes in front of the upper left of the dash, above the speedo.
It's mounted with a Gadget Guy bar mount.   This thing has space for other
items.  It is absolutely secure in all conditions.  It's expensive and
really worth it.  After a year of really hard use, it's still perfect with
no GPS issues.  
I needed the Gadget Guy thing because my flip-up bag won't flip up if I
mount the GPS between the bars.   It all works together.  I really like the
position of my mounted GPS now. EZ to see and manipulate from the seat.  
Wilbers have high and low speed compression damping along with rebound in
the back.  The front only had rebound adjustment.   I like the shocks much
better after 10,000 miles.  They were a little stiff when I got them, but
now work perfectly.  Important:  If you install the shocks yourself make
sure you use a torque wrench on the lower rear.  It uses a long bolt with
very fine threads.  The toque spec should be followed religiously.  I
cracked my first swing-arm (broke in 3 places on the road) and I think I may
have overtightened this bolt and that may have contributed to the problem.
I did hit something in the road but it wasn't big enough to do this and I
wasn't going super fast.  It may have been a faulty casting, but I think
over-tightening is more likely a contributor.  At any rate, this is a big,
expensive casting and you should use the correct torque and a small bit of
normal strength lock-tite on it to keep it in.   Don't use the high power
stuff because it would be very bad to try and heat that casting to loosen
the loc-tite.  
I'm very happy to report that Michelin Pilot Road II is a great tire.  I
have about 9500 on a set right now and I'm not easy on them.  I can't
believe they're not corded.   I've got more ordered but they didn't come in
in time for the trip I'm on, so these are going to be well tested.  I'm in
Paducah headed for Nashville then back to Chicago.  If I don't find a tire
tomorrow, I'm riding home with these.  I'll have to obey speed limits all
the way home.  It will take forever.   
I use a Gen III iPod for music.  This fits in a Big Mac bag big map pocket.
It's MADE for CD players and iPods to fit in and it's the slickest thing
The Big Mak flip-up brackets can be made to work with the new bikes, bracket
fits just above that ridiculous rack BMW puts on the RT.  The stock tank bag
is junk compared to Big Mak.  My gas stops are really quick with this thing.
You can check them out at www.cyclegadgets.com   I got one size smaller than
the Explorer bag.  I have the aluminum mounting panel and the big map case
for above this bag.  I recommend all these things if you order one for any
oil or hex head RT.  I think the explorer bag is too big.  
If you need lots of room in your bag and you don't mind undoing clips to get
to your gas filler, get the stock bag.  The Big Mak is a reasonable size for
normal use and it's just so convenient and slick.  
     i am almost about to purchase a 2007 1200RT with only 5000 miles on the
It is the standard model with the Radio/CD option fitted.
Is there anything that i should watch out for or be aware of before i part
with my hard earned cash?
I am currently running a 99 R1100RT and it has been great. Must admit though
i am eager to find out just how much they have progressed with the 1200.
Hope i am not disappointed.
Thnks in advance.. Darryl
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