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Windscreen Arms

I'm not sure.  I would think it's possible.  The guy I talked to about it
had the same screen as mine a said it was worth the trouble of occasional
breaking arms to have the Cee Bailey's screen, which I agree with.  When
mine first broke I was in a big storm going through Detroit with an
interstate full of 80 mph semis.   It got really bad so I stopped to eat.
When I came out of the restaurant the storm was gone and all was clear.  I
got back on I-94 and noticed it broken within 20 miles or so.   I think it
was the turbulence from the trucks.   
It could be that this particular screen torques the arms in a certain way
under stress, but it fits perfectly on the bike when I install it.  At any
rate, someone has gone to the trouble to make some new arms and I went to
the trouble to buy some.  Problem solved for now.   If I break one of these,
which I doubt will happen, I'll get another windscreen, probably a
California Scientific or Ztechnic or the pricy and well regarded Aeroflow
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 07:08:27 -0700
From: "Minor, Bob" <MinorB@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: New (to you) RT
Do these ever break with the stock windshield?