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Subject: R1100RS running cold-update 10.31.2008
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Good morning heads. today $1085.46 later the cold running saga is  
The saga is as follows:

Temp sensor tested and ok

Kink in hose in tank (replaced) and thought to be responsible for the
increased  fuel pressure and subsequent rich running

TPS adjusted

Valves adjusted

TB's synced

New clutch cable

New brake fluid

Bike is now running 5 bars (223 degrees F) on the  RID at highway speeds

The moral of the story is to never get kinky with fuel hoses and to  
know when
to take the damn thing to the dealer in the first place.

Many thanks to all who kept in touch with me during this soap opera  
Paul Glaves, Mick and Clive (hope the weather  in Africa is better  
than it is
here in the northeast US).

See you on the road.