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Agree with you about the ball heads for hex wrenches.   I actually use that
side to tighten the screws that just go into the plastic so I don't
over-tighten.   No such thing exists for Torx, but Torx isn't as fussy about
wrench angle as hex.   I was cursing BMW for switching after I bought my
cool German Hex wrenches, but I like Torx and a set of Torx sockets will
pretty much do the whole bike now.   There are still a few legacy items that
use hex, but not many.   
It snowed yesterday.   I'm wearing longies to work today.from New Zealand.
First time this season.  Drat!
Date: Sun, 9 Nov 2008 05:36:10 +0200
From: "Clive Liddell" <cliddell@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: RE: RT Fairing Screws
 Hi Tom,
Thanks for the nice write up, saved here in case my eyes ever stray to a
1200RT :>) .
I have not (yet?) seen a ball head torx - just wondering if they exist.
Although I seldom R&R my fairing I have been thoroughly spoilt by my 3mm
ball head hex screwdrivers for this job.  I don't use the ball head to do
the final tightning "nip" or to start the screw out but for the rest they
are great.
Clive Liddell
South Africa